Calling all women in search of more...

More intention, more abundance, more clarity, more peace of mind, more confidence…

Hi. I’m Debbie Pierce, founder of By Divine Design™ and author of the Christian Woman’s Guide to Intentional Living program, designed with you in mind.


Twenty five years of being a mental health therapist and finally breaking free of managed health care has transformed my business and taught me a lot about myself, women and life. It’s taught me about the need to be purposeful and intentional about everything I do.


That’s why I’m so determined to pass my experiences and knowledge on to you. So, if you’re the kind of woman who wants MORE, and is ready to do something about it…to step out of your familiar zone and accept personal responsibility for the kind of woman you can be, the kind of woman God wants you to be…

Then let’s start this journey together!


Debbie Pierce
Licensed Professional Counselor
Nationally Board Certified Counselor